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Volta Updates

Today, We Are VLTA

Kirsten Krososec

Today marks a milestone: for the first time, Volta Charging traded on the NY Stock Exchange under the ticker VLTA.

It's been ten years since Volta embarked on its mission to deliver accessible, reliable EV charging everywhere we live, work, and play. At the time, our path was uncharted. Today, our vision has endured. And I'm so proud of the tenacious, team-effort it took to get to this moment.

Volta’s moment is part of a broader storyline: the future is electric. Today, we don't just celebrate a company milestone — we recognize the collective moment we share in bringing that future to fruition.

And we are humbled (and incredibly motivated) by the task ahead.

More than 100 million electric miles later, we’ve advanced outcomes we set out to achieve — and proven that our approach and our partnerships will play an increasingly larger role in defining that electric future.

As we roll up our sleeves for the work to come — I can’t help but also feel immensely grateful for my team, our partners, and the EV drivers and believers that have given us a running start.

To those loyal EV drivers who’ve already woven Volta stations into their daily lives — thank you. To us, creating value for everyone involved — advertisers, brick-and-mortar merchants, and you — revolves around your needs and wants, and we look forward to continuing to serve.

Today’s milestone is just the beginning. Our industry is swiftly evolving. And I’m more convinced than ever that Volta is uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Thank you,


Kirsten Krososec
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