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Volta Media™

Digital OOH evolved.

The Volta Media network is strategically located where people already spend their time and money. So forward—thinking brand partners can reach high-value consumers — moments before they enter a store.

Our network of over 5,000 eye-catching screens delivers measurable outcomes through precise targeting, creative capabilities, and programmatic buying options.
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Monthly Available Impressions
[Source: Geopath]


Digital Ad Screens


Media DMAs



Effectiveness comes in threes

Volta charging station
Position your brand directly in front
of grocery stores and other retailers.
Volta charging state at night in front of a Kroger store
Meet your audience moments before
they make a purchase decision.
Volta charging station
We deliver for our partners:
+51% iROAS* vs. rest of OOH Industry Average

* Source: Catalina & Circana. Aggregated Volta iROAS study benchmarks. Promoted Brands industry average is $1.33 across all OOH campaigns.

Local Reach. National Scale.

Meet your new customers.
The Volta Media™ Network lets you precisely target and engage with high-value customers — moments before they enter a store.

Watch video
Installation team members inspect a charging station
Affluent Adults
150 Index
$100K+ HHI
Close-up of a welder working on a station installation
Like to Shop
156 Index
High Spenders
Aerial view of an electric vehicle plugged into a charging station in-front of a coffee shop
Make Premium Purchases
135 Index
High-Quality Goods
[Source: Experian ConsumerView]
Interrupt consumers right before they enter the store with beautiful motion-based media campaigns.
Electrify your advertising with real-time, dynamically updating ad products like Weather, Countdown, and Scoreboard
Personalize your storytelling and take audience engagement to the next level through interactive AR experiences

Level up your brand storytelling with next-gen digital OOH.

You’re in good company

Our trusted measurement partners

The trademarks listed above are owned by their respective owners.

Sales Lift

Driving brand sales for Coca Cola.

Incremental Sales

Incremental sales lift for Dole.

Brand Awareness

Building awareness and perception for Michelin.

Brand Consideration

Growing top of mind awareness & consideration for Sumo Citrus

Foot Traffic

Lifting foot traffic and store visits for top-brand tire store.

Website Visits

Increasing web visits for a leading auto brand.

Ad Specs

Media type: Digital
Screen Dimensions (WxH): 1080px x 1920px
Safe area (WxH): 920px x 1760px
Aspect ratio: 9:16
Ad duration: :08 (direct), :06-:30 (programmatic- note :08-:15 recommended)
Screen size: 47”, 49”, 55” (diagonally)
Resolution: 72dpi
Color mode: RGB
Audio: Not Supported
File type:
JPEG, PNG, MP4 ("subtle motion" video) and HTML (animation currently not supported)
Encoding: H.264
Max file size: 15 MB
Download Templates
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QR Code Guidelines

  • QR codes should be between 180x180 and 200x200 pixels.
  • Consider placing QR codes in the lower half of the unit for easy interaction.
  • Ensure strong contrast between QR codes and background.
  • Avoid placing other elements too close.

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