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This isn’t just infrastructure. It’s an economic multiplier.

The Volta difference

Our dual EV charging and media network is uniquely structured to make us the most capital efficient partner in the market.
And because our revenue is not dependent on selling energy at inflated prices, we can offer low-to-no-cost charging. Expanding access, addressing energy equity and increasing your tax base by building vibrant commercial and community spaces.

The most sophisticated and equitable EV network planning tool on Earth.

"PredictEV application on a monitor, showing a map with charging stations on the left, statistics and controls on the right"

Plan for a future that delivers Charging For All.

PredictEV® is Volta’s proprietary planning software. It uses machine learning to predict current and future EV charging needs, from infrastructure load requirements to site level specifics. It allows us to forecast current and future demand with high levels of accuracy.

PredictEV® allows us to plan our network expansion with precision and drive our public/private partnerships efficiently while upholding the federal government's Justice40 goals. Based on the real needs of real drivers and growing communities.

It’s now being used by state governments to identify ideal and equitable charging locations and charge mix, and by multiple utility companies around the United States to future-proof their energy and transport services. Together we are ensuring that charging infrastructure is planned and deployed equitably, so it benefits every one of us.

Case Study:
City of Hoboken & Volta

Volta secured an agreement with Hoboken for a network of stations throughout the city. PredictEV was crucial to planning the exact locations and energy mix. Volta will break ground on a future-facing EV network by 2023. At no cost to the residents of the city.

“No matter where a resident lives in Hoboken, they will be within a five minute walk of a charger.”

—Ravi S. Bhalia,
Mayor of the City of Hoboken