About Volta

    Volta is building city-wide, free-to-use EV charging networks. We’re here to encourage the adoption of electric cars by providing the support network, free-of-cost, and independent of government subsidy. We place EV charging stations at the places potential EV drivers are most likely to visit, and our advertising sponsors provide charging as a free, open-access service, to both support the growing EV community and inspire people to switch.

    Why is it free? - What's the catch?

    Volta is a sponsored service. Our advertisers support our EV charging network, and advertise on the stations in exchange. For us, it’s a great way to build clean-tech in advance of the user base to pay for it. For our advertisers, it’s an outdoor advertising campaign that supports the community and provides a real service.
    The good news is that Volta is a free service, open access, forever – not free for the first month, not free for a year, free. And since our business is independently viable, Volta is the only EV infrastructure provider not subject to the whims of government subsidy.

    And as a quick shout out to our gracious sponsors, below is what their Volta campaigns have managed to do for your community:

    Where can I find the stations?

    We place our stations where you’d already like to go. Whether it’s shopping, dinner, a movie, or even a cup of coffee, Volta looks for high-visibility locations that are convenient for our drivers to stop, visit, and charge their cars. Our location map shows our current and immediately upcoming stations. If you have somewhere in mind you’d like to see Volta stations, submit a request here.

    How do I find out if a station is available

    We have an app coming out at the start of 2014.The app will clearly display the stations that are available in blue and the stations in use in grey. Our stations are open access, and first-come, first-serve, so grab them quick!

    How fast do they charge my car?

    Our stations are all 30A – so they will provide up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on your car.

    How long can I stay?

    Most of our stations have a 2-3 hour time-limit posted by the property owner. Keep it close to that and you’ll be fine (if your dinner and a movie stretches over a bit, don’t worry). But please don’t leave your car at our stations all day (or overnight!) – that gets us in trouble with our property owners, and you in trouble with the other drivers hoping to use our network.

    What do I do if the station doesn't work?

    First, check to see that your car's charging timer is turned off (see owner's manual). If station indicator panel reports a fault, please reset station by holding down both buttons on indicator panel for 10 seconds.

    Still no? Contact us at 1-888-264-2208 and we'll go have a look.

    How do I find out about new Volta stations?

    Our map has new stations released as we sign on new site hosts – and we announce new installs on twitter and facebook once they go live. We’re expanding to new cities in 2014, stay tuned for those announcements here.


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