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Volta Response System

Effectively Deliver Critical Information to Your Community

At Volta, our mission is to build the infrastructure that drives the world forward. With free electric vehicle charging stations in over 190 municipalities in 16 states across the U.S., this infrastructure can help in an emergency. Volta is partnering with first responders to offer the Volta Response System.

Serving first responders via dynamic public safety alerts

The Volta Response System was launched as a pilot to support the vital community messaging efforts of first responders battling COVID-19. Volta now offers the system to city officials seeking to strengthen their capacity to communicate public safety alerts. The program opens access to the high-impact digital displays that drive Volta’s sponsor-supported network of free electric vehicle charging stations. 80% of these chargers are in front of essential businesses.

A responsive platform for connecting with hard-to-reach populations

Located by high foot traffic essential services in hundreds of municipalities across the US, Volta’s highly visible stations are uniquely positioned to disseminate critical information to hard-to-reach and vulnerable community members. Volta’s team works collaboratively with local officials to deploy their alerts, broadcasting real-time dynamic information.

Developed and launched in collaboration with city officials

The Volta Response System was first deployed in Huntington Beach, California where Volta’s team worked closely with city officials and first responders to kick-off the program. It was launched quickly and at no cost to taxpayers to help them educate their community about COVID-19. The system is designed to be turnkey, and easily activated at the request of first responders and health officials.

From our first email to Volta, to getting our signage on the stations and in front of difficult to reach populations, it was so simple.

– Firefighter Eric Blaska, Paramedic/Public Information Officer (PIO), Huntington Beach, Orange County, California

I spent 20 plus years overseeing 911 call centers. The Volta Response System’s ability to reach people can be an instrumental part of our most urgent priorities, whether warning people of an active shooter, or locating a missing child.

– Commander Ben Horner (Ret.), Union City Police Department, Alameda County, California

We look forward to speaking with you about the critical messages you need distributed throughout your community and how we can help – response.system@voltacharging.com.