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at Volta

Change is hard.
And it’s possible.

Transportation creates 27% of greenhouse emissions and 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S according to the EPA. It’s not the only polluter - but it is the most visible. Cars are mobility, freedom, culture. We build vacations, careers and cities around them, make movies about them. Sing songs about them.

So at Volta, we believe that if we can change how we drive— we can change anything. We can reduce our environmental impact. We can give our children and their children the chance to inherit a better world. Because we have to.

Our Mission

Volta was founded over a decade ago with a simple mission: EV charging for the many, not the few. So our focus has never been just on technology and infrastructure, but on the people and communities they serve.

So we created a charging network to meet people where they already spend time; the store, the gym, the movies. A network that is designed to make the right choice the easy one. Built for everyone. And priced for everyone.

Our Impact


Electric miles delievered


Electric Charges Delivered


Pounds of C02 offset


Gallons of Gas Saved

Backed by renewable energy

It will be a while until America is able to rebuild the whole electrical grid to be powered by renewable energy. So until that happy day, we support the transition to renewable energy by purchasing certified Green-e® Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that match the amount of electricity used to power our charging and media network.

Charging for all

Volta is the only network built to drive EV adoption, rather than just follow it. Because we know that accessible, visible charging infrastructure needs to be in place before people decide to switch. So we’re building a network to provide high-quality charging solutions, even before the demand exists.

And because we’re not dependent on selling energy at inflated prices, we are able to offer low and no-cost charging for all, addressing energy inequality and expanding access to all communities.
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Planning the future

PredictEV® is our proprietary planning tool and it’s central to our sustainability strategy. It’s able to accurately forecast charging demand years into the future, and help build strategies to integrate EV charging into the grid successfully. That’s why we’ve been working with utilities across America to plan their grids to support renewable energy and the electrification of transportation.

We are at the start of a generational shift in how we all use energy. As people, as societies, as a global community. We know there is so much more we can do. So we will continue to look for ways to reduce the impact of our operations as we build a shared electrified future.
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Data collected to determine environmental benefits from Volta's charging stations is calculated in accordance with US EPA’s methodology using the published greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator, and the US Department of Energy's published miles per kWh rating per electric vehicle (EV) model. Environmental calculations are good faith estimates made using assumptions that are based on current industry and other government and societal data available to Volta, which may be updated from time to time.