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Sigma and Snowflake Help Volta Breakdown Data Barriers with the Cloud

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The US-based electric vehicle charging company takes cloud-native BI and analytics approach to drive clean energy into the future

San Francisco – September 10, 2019 – Sigma, an innovator in cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics, today announced Volta as its latest joint customer with Snowflake. Together they’ve rewritten the rules of BI and Analytics to empower teams across entire organizations to join the data conversation. With the power of Sigma and Snowflake, Volta performs the most complex queries without writing a single line of code. Volta joins Lime, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Clover, Sears Home Services, and Farmers Insurance, which all use Sigma for cloud analytics and data exploration to generate real-time insights.

Volta is a data-driven company that relies on user and charge-station insights to deploy capital efficiently and serve its growing community of electric vehicle drivers. The company needed a cloud-based data analytics platform that worked seamlessly with its existing Snowflake data warehouse environment, was easy for any team member to use, and removed BI bottlenecks to unlock a wealth of proprietary data streaming in from charging stations.

With the power of Sigma and Snowflake, Volta puts real-time data into the hands of the BI and business teams across the organization. This has broken down the data silos between engineering teams and business experts by encouraging collaboration and enabling users to get answers with or without code— ensuring easy data access, governance and compliance.

“We are accelerating the future of clean transportation by making it easier for consumers to choose an electric vehicle,” said Mia Oppelstrup, Business Intelligence Manager at Volta. “The Snowflake integration was seamless, and enabled Volta to scale by helping us optimize planning and operation for a network that has offset over 20 million pounds of CO2 to date.”

Volta’s recent analytics investments have reduced the engineering time required for business data reporting by over 90%. Now teams across all business units leverage data streams—in combination with external data sources—to build live, continuously updating models, reports and dashboards. The Volta business development team uses these insights to pitch commercial real estate partners, which has helped double the size of its network.

“We are thrilled that our cloud-first analytics approach with Snowflake allowed us to add Volta to our roster of joint customers,” said Rob Woollen, CEO and co-founder of Sigma. “Our partnership with Snowflake goes beyond analytics – it helps our customers build a road to a better future. With Sigma, everyone is a data hero.”

About Sigma

Sigma is analytics built for the cloud. Trusted by data-first companies, Sigma provides live access to cloud data warehouses using an intuitive spreadsheet interface— empowering business experts to ask more of their data without writing a single line of code. With the full power of SQL, the cloud, and a familiar interface, business users have the freedom to analyze data in real time without limits.

Sigma is closing the gap between data teams and business experts. To learn more about Sigma, visit or join the conversation on Twitter @SigmaComputing.

About Volta

Founded in 2010 out of a passion for advancing electric transportation, Volta has mastered the art and science of developing cutting-edge electric vehicle charging networks. Volta is accelerating the electric vehicle movement by providing seamless, simple and free charging experiences. Thoughtfully located along the paths of daily life, Volta chargers are the most heavily used in the industry. With the support of forward-thinking brand partners, Volta delivers free charging solutions to real estate owners, power to the electric vehicle community and impactful brand stories to everyone.

September 10, 2019
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