How many miles of range do I receive with a Volta charge?

Most EV drivers charge at home, and use Volta stations to top off on a charge located at convenient places where they already go. Charging speeds depend on two things: how much power the charger can dispense, and how much power your electric vehicle can accept. Today the maximum charging speed Volta chargers can deliver are:

  • L2 Charging Speed: 7-10 kWh, or up to 35 miles of range per hour. Note that miles per kWh vary from ~2 to ~4 miles per kWh depending on the efficiency of your make/model.
  • DC Fast Charging Speed: 50-60 kWh, or up to 210 miles of range per hour depending on your EV.
Car on open road and Volta logo superimposed onto a mobile phoneOpen road and Volta logo superimposed onto a mobile phone

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