Volta Charging - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply plug in and start charging. Use the Volta app to make sure the station is available or to see if you are required to check in to charge, such as at our DC Fast Charge stations.

  1. Select your charger number on the Volta app.
  2. Check-in on the app for the charger you plan to use.
  3. Plug in the charger when prompted in the app.
  4. Charging should start after plugging in. It usually takes a few seconds but it can take up to a minute.
  1. Check the charger’s status within the mobile app to make sure it’s in service or to see if you are required to check-in.
  2. Ensure that the charger number in the app matches the actual charger number on the station. Some stations may have two chargers (for example 01a & 01b) so be sure you're checking in at the correct charger.
  3. Make sure the plug is fully seated in your vehicle’s charging port and wait up to a minute for charge to start.

Still not charging? Please report in the Volta App or contact support@voltacharging.com. Include your location, charging station number, as well as your vehicle make and model and we will reach out if we need more information.

  1. Please return to your vehicle once the charge has ended.
    • You'll be notified when your charge ends if push notifications are enabled.
  2. Stop your charging session on your vehicle’s dashboard or app.
  3. Unplug the charger from your vehicle. Make sure you press the charger button down all the way and firmly pull the charger out.
  4. Place the charger back in the station holster and move your vehicle from the parking space so the next lucky driver can enjoy complimentary charging!

Many vehicles have a “charger lock” feature to prevent someone from unplugging your vehicle. We recommend the following:

  • Please turn off your vehicle and lock/unlock the car with your key fob. Some cars require you to press the unlock button up to 3 times, and some key fobs need to be near the charging port to work.
  • Many vehicles have an “Auto Lock/Unlock” button on the dashboard or near the charging port. It will usually be an icon of a lock and a power plug.
  • If none of this works, several vehicles also have a manual cord release. Please check your vehicle’s user manual for model-specific information.

Still stuck? Please call our support phone line, and we can do our best to assist you: (888) 264-2208

We know it can be frustrating to see someone in a charging spot beyond the limit or a non-electric vehicle blocking the station. We're working on several features in our app to encourage good charging etiquette to maximize the use of our charging network. However, we're not able to reach out to property management in every case.

Please report any parking violations to the parking security or property management at the charging location, as enforcement is managed by the site.

Our Volta DC Fast chargers can charge all EV models with a CCS charging port.

Yes, Teslas are compatible with all of our Level 2 charging stations using the Tesla SAE J1772 adapter that comes with the vehicle.

  • Always inspect your adapter for damage or debris before use.

To start charging: Attach your adapter to the charging plug first, then plug it into your vehicle and charging should begin automatically.

To stop charging: Stop charging on your dashboard or Tesla app, then Remove the charging plug and your adapter at the same time using two hands.

Most Volta charging stations are open from 6am to Midnight. However, because we tailor our relationship with each site, hours of operation may vary. Hours of operation are listed by location in the Volta app.

Check to see if you have a strong enough cell signal as the app works best when you have at least 2 cell bars. 1 cell signal bar may still work with some devices but will be a slow overall app experience.

Check to see if you have the latest version of the Volta app installed on your phone.

Check whether you have allowed location permissions within the Volta app. Location permissions are required to check-in at our DC fast stations and start a charge.

If all else fails, you can find a station on our website at https://voltacharging.com/drivers/.

Please call our support line at (888) 264-2208 to report urgent issues. Please include the location and station number at which you were charging.

We are expanding our network every day! This means that you might come across stations that are still undergoing their final send-off inspections and our rigorous commissioning process before being added to our network. Keep an eye out on the Volta app to see when these stations are made available to the public!

Most EV drivers charge at home, and use Volta stations to top off on a charge located at convenient places where they already go. Charging speeds depend on two things: how much power the charger can dispense, and how much power your electric vehicle can accept. Today the maximum charging speed Volta chargers can deliver are:

  • L2 Charging Speed: 7-10 kWh, or up to 35 miles of range per hour. Note that miles per kWh vary from ~2 to ~4 miles per kWh depending on the efficiency of your make/model.
  • DC Fast Charging Speed: 50-60 kWh, or up to 210 miles of range per hour depending on your EV.

For your convenience, enabling location services helps Volta find you nearby chargers. It is also required to check-in at some sites.

A push notification is an automated message sent by Volta when the app is not open. Push notifications help you receive real-time notifications that alert you when your charge has started or stopped, when your complimentary session ends, when a paid charge begins, and when idle fees will be incurred.

You can set these up in the Volta app’s settings as well as on your phone’s Settings or App Settings section.

There are many reasons why your car may have been unplugged or stopped charging. Besides the battery being full and the charge ending, other reasons could include: Another driver unplugged your car thinking it was done charging, the station temporarily losing power, or Volta conducting service to ensure the station is in top working condition.

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