Volta Charging FAQ

How do I start charging?

Simply plug in and start charging. Volta charging stations are free to use.

How do I end charging?

  1. Please return to your vehicle once the charge has ended.
  2. Simply unplug the charger from your vehicle.
  3. Please put the charger back in the station holster and move your vehicle. Thank you!

Help! Something's wrong

Contact us at support@voltacharging.com. Please include the location and station at which you were charging.

What if the charger gets stuck in my car?

Disengage your charging port lock using your car’s key fob button. If this doesn’t work, try locking and unlocking your car a few times. Restart your car and try again 2-3 times. Check your car’s manual for model-specific locking mechanisms. Still stuck? Email support@voltacharging.com with your phone number and we will do our best to call you ASAP.

Can I charge my Tesla at a Volta Charging station?

Yes. Standard Level 2 Volta charging stations support SAE J1772 plug. Simply use your Tesla SAE J1772 adapter when charging.

No. Volta DC fast charging stations support a CCS plug.

How fast do Volta charging stations charge?

Standard Level 2 Volta station charging speeds vary by location from 20 to 40 amps.
For Volta DC fast charging Level 3 stations, charging speeds are rated between 50 kW to 100 kW.

Free? Really, it’s free.

Volta is accelerating the electric vehicle movement by providing seamless, simple and free charging experiences thoughtfully located along the paths of electric vehicle drivers’ busy lives. With the support of forward-thinking brand partners, Volta delivers free charging to the electric vehicle community.

Can I reserve a charger?

Sorry, not at this time. Volta charging stations are first come, first served.

Why does Volta want to track my location when I am not using the Volta app?

By providing your location information you are helping Volta build a better charging network in your area. Your location is also used to help you find nearby chargers.