Volta Charging FAQ

How do I start charging?

Simply plug in and start charging. Volta charging stations are free to use.

How do I end charging?

  1. Please return to your vehicle once the charge has ended.
  2. Simply unplug the charger from your vehicle.
  3. Please put the charger back in the station holster and move your vehicle. Thank you!

What if the charger is not working when I plug in?

Please allow a minute or two after you plug in for charging to start. If charging doesn’t start, please contact support@voltacharging.com, and include your location, charging station, as well as your vehicle make and model.

Help! Something's wrong

Contact us at support@voltacharging.com. Please include the location and station at which you were charging.

What if the charger gets stuck in my car?

Disengage your charging port lock using your car’s key fob button. If this doesn’t work, try locking and unlocking your car a few times. Restart your car and try again 2-3 times. Check your car’s manual for model-specific locking mechanisms. Still stuck? Email support@voltacharging.com with your phone number and we will do our best to call you ASAP.

When are chargers available?

Volta’s stations are typically open during business hours which are determined by the property manager of the charging location. Hours of operation are listed by location in the Volta app map.

Can I charge my Tesla at a Volta Charging station?

Tesla’s are compatible with all of our standard Level 2 charging stations. Simply use your Tesla SAE J1772 adapter when charging. For DC fast charging, Tesla uses a proprietary network with a special connector we are not supporting at this time.

How fast do the Volta charging stations charge?

Standard Level 2 Volta station charging speeds vary by location from 20 or 40 amps.
For Volta DC fast charging stations, charging speeds are rated between 50 kW to 100 kW.


Really, it’s free! Volta is accelerating the electric vehicle movement by providing seamless, simple and free charging experiences thoughtfully located along the paths of electric vehicle drivers’ lives. With the support of forward-thinking brand partners, Volta delivers free charging to the electric vehicle community.

Can I reserve a charger?

Sorry, not at this time. Volta charging stations are first come, first served. You can find available chargers in real-time via the Volta app.

Why does Volta want to track my location when I am not using the Volta app?

Your location is used to help you find nearby chargers. In addition, by providing your location information you are helping Volta build a better charging network in your area.

What if another driver is breaking the parking rules for a charging station?

We know it’s frustrating seeing someone in a charging spot beyond the limit or a non-electric vehicle blocking stations. Please report any parking violations to the security and/or property management team for the charging location. The enforcement of parking rules is managed by the property manager.

My car indicated that it was unplugged and/or stopped charging during a charging session. Why?

There are many reasons why your car may have been unplugged or stopped charging. Besides the battery being full and the charge ending, other reasons include: another driver unplugged your car thinking it was done charging, the station temporarily lost power or Volta was conducting service to ensure the station is in top working condition.

Why did Volta temporarily unplug my car and leave me a note?

To ensure drivers have seamless and reliable free charging experiences, Volta periodically performs maintenance on the stations and may need to unplug and plug the charger back into your vehicle. We do our best to inform you by leaving a note on your vehicle.