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#ChargingForAll Citations

We're all EV drivers, just some of us don't know it yet.
By 2040, EV sales will outnumber gas car sales 2:1

Source: Bloomberg

The Great American Road Trip just went on sale.
For $1 an EV will take you as far as a gallon of gas.

The cost for EV charge is calculated using the average retail cost of kWh nationally, average EV battery capacity, and average EV range. The cost of gas vehicle distance is based on average MPG.

Volta drivers have avoided 70 million pounds of CO2.
That's over 200 Statues of Liberty.

Source: Volta Website with Q2 2022 numbers updated as of September 22, 2022

Carpool with yourself.
EV Drivers can use the HOV lane in 13 states.

Source: AFDC

To the moon and back over 600 times.
We've delivered over 150 Million electric miles to drivers

Source: Volta Website with Q2 2022 numbers updated as of September 22, 2022

210 miles an hour. Legally.
Volta DC Fast stations can charge up to 210 miles of range in an hour.

Source: Volta FAQ

New Year's Resolution: Never get gas again. Driving an EV avoids over 500 gallons of gas a year.

Source: 13,476 average miles driven per year (found here) divided by 25.6MPG average (found here) = 526 annual gallons.

Leave the dumpster fire in 2022. EVs are 10x less likely to catch fire than conventional cars.

Source: National Drive Electric Week 101

New Year’s Resolution: Invest in things that last. An EV has a 50% longer lifespan than a gas vehicle.

Source: Calculated from EV Connect