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July 28, 2022

People who go the extra mile

It’s been the number-one holiday worldwide every year on social media since it was introduced by WayUp in 2017: National Intern Day #NID.

In honor of social media’s favorite holiday, this post is for all the college students who went the extra mile. Well done!

Volta’s Mentor Program hosts interns in its finance and marketing departments. Along with 10 weeks of hands-on experience in their respective department, students complete a special project related to their field and interests.

Here’s what a few of this year’s college students had to say about their internships at Volta.

Why Volta?

Shanley: I’m aligned with Volta’s ethics. I pursued an internship at Volta because I care a lot about the environment and sustainability. I like the way Volta is accelerating a cleaner future and is committed to making EV charging available to everyone.

Alexandra: I was drawn to Volta’s approach to incentivizing EV adoption and the potential for it to scale. I like how Volta’s business model uses the concept of advertising to help fast-track EV adoption. I also like how Volta is helping to pave the way for a greener auto industry.

What are you hoping to learn?

Shanley: I’m hoping to learn best practices in marketing and PR at a world-class company. I’m also hoping to develop technical skills and gain a holistic understanding of how different business units work together.

Alexandra: I’m hoping to gain a better perspective of the different roles in a public company and how each role communicates outside the company. Being an investor relations intern gives me a birds-eye view of that.

How do you expect to make an impact in your internship?

Shanley: Three things. My main project for the summer is a press kit, so I hope to see it on the website! I also love copywriting so I’ll try to help with words wherever I can. And I hope to add to the Volta team’s amazing positive energy.

Alexandra: I think that during my internship I can help Volta strengthen their contact database and slide decks that tell the story of Volta’s business model.  I’m also excited to provide new and interesting ways to showcase the company’s results to investors and the public.

What is the most challenging/rewarding part of this internship?

Shanley: It’s a challenge when I’m in unfamiliar territory for a task I’ve been given. But the culture at Volta is very supportive when you have questions. That makes it a rewarding work environment. It makes me want to dive into new territory every day and learn even more.

Alexandra: The most rewarding part of this internship at Volta is being completely immersed in a world that I’ve never experienced before. EVs and the EV charging industry have so much potential to make a positive impact on the environment. And that excites me. I could see myself in this industry in the future.

What recent industry trends do you think are important to address and why?

Shanley: This year’s surge in gas prices and temperatures around the globe proves it’s time to make new choices. People can save a lot of money on gas every year if they drive an EV and cause less harm to the environment.

Alexandra; I think it’s important to bring equity in EV charging to every community. Volta’s in a unique position to do it because its business model makes it so practical. Installing EV charging stations in as many neighborhoods as possible will help more people transition to EVs.