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Case Study

Volta’s Media Network: Helping Brands Take Sales to the Next Level

At Volta, we take a data-driven approach to everything we do, all in pursuit of accelerating a clean energy future. This shapes the solutions we provide to our drivers, to our charging partners - and to the brands that leverage our media network. The Volta Media™ network helps businesses use groundbreaking, intelligent strategies to target customers and increase sales.

Making More than an Impression

Return on Ad Spend, or ROAS, is a metric still relatively nascent in digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing. But given the placement of Volta’s digital screens immediately before the point of purchase, our brand partners are uniquely positioned to drive sales. A partnership with Coca-Cola®, AD Retail Media, and Quotient demonstrated Volta’s ability to drive measurable sales for the Sprite, Seagram’s, and Fresca brands over the 2021 winter holidays.

The halo brands featured in the campaign, Sprite, Seagram’s, and Fresca, racked up $2.51 million in attributable sales and a ROAS 56 percent higher than the average for DOOH ROAS across all ADUSA food and beverage campaigns.

High Conversion Rates

The campaign was also successful at converting new customers: 8.2 percent of the customers were new to the halo brands, and 7.6 percent were new to the food and beverage category overall (per our 52-week lookback).  


Strategic partnerships were launched to measure the results. Purchase-level data provided by AD Retail Media and attribution data provided by Quotient quantified the impact of the Volta Media™ network on Coca-Cola® sales. The impact of this campaign was measured through a three-step process:

  1. Capture DOOH Ad Exposure: Total number of impressions for the media campaign were measured by the number of unique mobile device IDs via DSP impression logs.
  2. Map Exposure to Loyalty Cards: Among the consumers exposed to the campaign, we identified loyalty card shoppers and measured their purchase behavior.
  3. Sales Attributed to Media Exposure: We measured the total attributable sales and ROAS from loyalty card shoppers. Our analysis used a 28-day attribution window, which captures the full purchase cycle for most products and allows for campaign comparison.

The Takeaway

Brands can use the Volta Media network to engage shoppers along the path to purchase and measure the impact of their campaigns. It’s all about context - our unique, eye-catching platform is a game-changer, and equally important is our placement right outside the doors of retail, engaging consumers as they reach for their wallets. As we help create the future of digital out-of-home, Volta is excited to help catapult the media industry in new directions. We also look forward to helping brands use insights in new ways to increase sales and help them reach their business goals.

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