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Volta's Essential Business Network

Kirsten Krososec

Recent weeks have seen a surge in COVID-19 cases, which has led many states to tighten social distancing regulations and close down businesses once again. While necessary from a health perspective, this decision puts additional strain on businesses trying to reach their target audience during a pandemic. Digital out-of-home advertising may seem like a risky investment at a time when many people are staying home, but choosing the right media partner can make all the difference. We’d like to introduce Volta’s Essential Business Network, a powerful tool to connect advertisers with consumers at essential businesses like grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies.

The Essential Business Network consists of more than 1,500 screens at Volta charging stations across the country, leading to an average of 70+ million impressions for a 4 week, national campaign. These screens are in close proximity to essential businesses, which will remain open throughout the duration of the pandemic. Returning shelter-in-place guidelines makes it difficult to track consumer patterns, but Volta screens are conveniently placed at the locations that people have to visit regularly. This placement is proven to be effective— essential businesses are gaining ground toward typical visitation numbers, with categories already back at almost 90 percent of pre-COVID volumes. With fewer choices to meet their needs and a heightened desire to remain sheltered in place, essential businesses are also experiencing equal or longer visit times from customers. Essential businesses have maintained pre-COVID traffic levels and have increased dwell time of +25%. This is great news for both site and media partners, as research shows that visit duration is well aligned to basket performance.

The size and flexibility of the Essential Business Network is one of its reasons for its success. The network's 1,500-plus screens achieve millions of monthly impressions at highly-trafficked locations across the country. Volta has a presence in 14 of the top 15 designated market areas (DMAs) and a total of 25 DMA’s nationwide, which means more geographically diverse opportunities for a brand to shine. As well, buying advertising space with Volta is flexible: campaigns can be customized based on budget, scale, share of voice, and more. We provide creative expertise to make sure that each partner runs a campaign perfect for their brand.

Finally, advertising with Volta’s Essential Business Network will align your brand with positive community messaging. Volta is sharing important public service announcements about COVID-19 on our stations in an attempt to reach more people, and these announcements are shown in conjunction with our brand partners. This positive imaging positions your company as an ally in the fight against COVID, and allows you to make a difference in the very community you call home. This halo effect, combined with the data-backed importance of advertising at essential businesses, makes Volta an essential partner for any brand looking to reach new audiences.

In times of uncertainty, let Volta’s Essential Business Network help your business reach new audiences. Contact for more information.

Kirsten Krososec
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