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Volta Provides Charging for Amazon’s First Grocery Store

Kirsten Krososec

At Volta, we take pride in the commerce-centric nature of our charging stations:  free EV charging creates an extra draw to your business, a new pipeline of consumers that might otherwise have gone elsewhere, an important emerging amenity, and a way to visually connect your growth goals to all of these dynamics. Our site partners know this, and plan with Volta in mind.

That’s how we were selected as the electric vehicle charging partner of choice at the first Amazon Fresh grocery store in Woodland Hills, California. Opened on September 17th, 2020,  our Amazon Fresh grocery partners have been busy delivering low prices, delicious food, and convenient shopping to the local community. According to Amazon’s blog, “Amazon Fresh is a new grocery store designed from the ground up to offer a seamless grocery shopping experience, whether customers are shopping in-store or online.” Volta is proud to be a part of creating a seamless experience with this incredible partner, and our inclusion has been a long time in the making. Throughout the store’s construction process, Amazon Fresh and Volta worked together to ensure our stations would be included as a key amenity aligned with Amazon’s sustainability commitments. The result? Free electric vehicle charging for store visitors, and a budding partnership between two forward-thinking companies.

We are proud of the fact that Volta’s network of charging stations is expanding rapidly, but we’re not surprised. Our stations are proven to drive traffic to the businesses that host them and to increase purchase amounts. Our site partners recognize these advantages:  in Amazon Fresh’s case, they anticipate a multi-faceted benefit to their store. It’s a win-win-win: our stations attract new EV-driving customers, they increase visitation share from existing customers because of the free charging, and all of these customers stay longer on average.

Our partnership with the Amazon Fresh store makes a lot of sense: two tech-savvy companies coming together to create the shopping experience of tomorrow. We’ve had the privilege of gaining a peek into some of Amazon’s forward-looking features for the Fresh format. We think one of the coolest features of the store is the “Dash Cart,” which is a shopping cart equipped with an interactive screen and sensors. The screen allows customers to have easy access to their shopping list, and the sensors will tell them where list items are located in the store. Amazon Fresh will also include “Ask Alexa” kiosks that help customers find items throughout the store. While customers are inside shopping, their electric vehicles are charging at Volta’s smart, connected stations.
As electric vehicle adoption continues its strong growth,  Volta’s charging network will expand at pace with it, both with current partners like Amazon Fresh and at new locations. Electric vehicles are becoming more common across the country, and with advances in battery technology signaling more affordable options in the near future, the shift will only accelerate, attracting all types of shoppers and bringing more traffic to our site partners. Volta is at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement, and with premier partners such as Amazon Fresh, we will continue to develop new and innovative ways to push the EV charging industry forward by meeting consumers wherever they go. We are proud to help companies like Amazon drive forward into their sustainable future.

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Kirsten Krososec
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