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Volta Updates

SCE Uses Innovative Advertising to Raise EV Awareness

Electronic ads about benefits of driving EVs to run on EV chargers with digital displays

Beginning this week, shoppers at Pico Rivera Towne Center are getting the message about the benefits of driving electric through a new outdoor advertising concept designed to reach drivers right where they park and shop.

The digital ads from Southern California Edison will be featured on electric vehicle charging stations equipped with 55-inch digital displays located in front of retail locations.

Digital ads about SCE’s EV incentive programs will be featured on Volta EV charging stations equipped with large, eye-catching digital displays located in front of retail locations.

“This pilot project will benefit electric vehicle drivers as well as the larger community SCE serves by getting the message to drivers about the benefits of electric vehicles right where they live and by providing charging infrastructure equitably in our service area,” said Grant Takahashi, a senior advisor in SCE’s eMobility group, who developed the EV awareness campaign.

The advertising innovation pioneered by Volta Charging which owns the charging stations, allows EV drivers to charge their cars for free while they shop because charging costs are covered by ad revenues. The ads will remind the public that driving an electric car can mean cleaner air, lower driving costs and possibly a financial rebate.

“Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will benefit individuals, communities and the environment at large,” said Scott Mercer, founder and CEO of Volta. “We believe that delivering this message to customers on easily accessible charging stations will also reinforce the idea that drivers can fuel up where and when they shop, and not have to drive to a separate fueling station.”

The advertising campaign will focus on underserved communities within SCE service area, which is also a focus of Vestar, owner of the shopping center.

“Working class areas tend to get overlooked in efforts to bring environmentally friendly transportation programs, but Vestar has long held the importance of delivering sustainable amenities to all of our customers,” said Tonya Szerdahelyi, Specialty Leasing Manager at Vestar. “Which is why we are proud to partner with Volta to bring EV charging stations to Towne Center.”

In addition to the charging station at Towne Center, eight more sites — shopping centers and other locations — are expected to come online in the next few months.

This post originally appeared on and is republished with permission of Southern California Edison.