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Volta’s Essential Business Network

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Recent weeks have seen a surge in COVID-19 cases, which has led many states to tighten social distancing regulations and close down businesses once again. While necessary from a health perspective, this decision puts additional strain on businesses trying to reach their target audience during a pandemic. Digital out-of-home advertising may seem like a risky investment at a time when many people are staying home, but choosing the right media partner can make all the difference. We’d like to introduce Volta’s Essential Business Network, a powerful tool to connect advertisers with consumers at essential businesses like grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies.

The Essential Business Network consists of more than 1,500 screens at Volta charging stations across the country, leading to an average of 70+ million impressions for a 4 week, national campaign. These screens are in close proximity to essential businesses, which will remain open throughout the duration of the pandemic. Returning shelter-in-place guidelines makes it difficult to track consumer patterns, but Volta screens are conveniently placed at the locations that people have to visit regularly. This placement is proven to be effective— essential businesses are gaining ground toward typical visitation numbers, with categories already back at almost 90 percent of pre-COVID volumes. With fewer choices to meet their needs and a heightened desire to remain sheltered in place, essential businesses are also experiencing equal or longer visit times from customers.  Essential businesses have maintained pre-COVID traffic levels and have increased dwell time of +25%. This is great news for both site and media partners, as research shows that visit duration is well aligned to basket performance.

The size and flexibility of the Essential Business Network is one of its reasons for its success. The network’s 1,500-plus screens achieve millions of monthly impressions at highly-trafficked locations across the country. Volta has a presence in 14 of the top 15 designated market areas (DMAs) and a total of 25 DMA’s nationwide, which means more geographically diverse opportunities for a brand to shine. As well, buying advertising space with Volta is flexible: campaigns can be customized based on budget, scale, share of voice, and more. We provide creative expertise to make sure that each partner runs a campaign perfect for their brand.

Finally, advertising with Volta’s Essential Business Network will align your brand with positive community messaging. Volta is sharing important public service announcements about COVID-19 on our stations in an attempt to reach more people, and these announcements are shown in conjunction with our brand partners. This positive imaging positions your company as an ally in the fight against COVID, and allows you to make a difference in the very community you call home. This halo effect, combined with the data-backed importance of advertising at essential businesses, makes Volta an essential partner for any brand looking to reach new audiences.

In times of uncertainty, let Volta’s Essential Business Network help your business reach new audiences. Contact for more information.

Driving Community Efforts to Stay Charged Up and Healthy During COVID-19

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Now, more than ever, we remain committed to keeping our communities charged up. Our goal is not just to continue to provide free electric miles, but to do our part in flattening the curve. We’d also like to recognize the efforts of the Volta community.

To the locations able to keep their Volta charging stations active.  We thank you. 80% of our chargers are near essential services, including pharmacies, grocery stores and hospitals.

To the drivers who rely on Volta to get to and from essential duties, we truly appreciate your hard work and sacrifice. 

Here’s a bit more on how we’re addressing COVID-19:

  • We’re partnering with municipalities, health officials and first responders to broadcast Public Safety Alerts to ensure communities see critical news and updates.
  • We launched messages from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) across our nationwide network.
  • We’re increasing station monitoring and continue to quickly address any issues that might impede reliable charging.
  • Where possible, we’re working with our partners to extend chargers’ hours of operation to help those who may have been cut off from their other typical charging locations. 
  • We’re actively updating our app as quickly as possible to reflect charger accessibility changes.

If you have questions, please reach out to Those of us who are not in the field actively maintaining our network are working remotely and available to help. So, if you hear a dog barking or kids laughing when we call, think of this as an opportunity for us all to get to know each other a little better and a reminder that we really are all in this together.

In This Together: Leading in a Fast-Paced, Evolving Time

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Talking with Jon Michaels, Senior Vice President of Operations at Volta, can make you feel like you are preparing for battle. That’s because he’s been there. Jon finds many parallels between his 10 years as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot and leading his team at Volta, a fast-moving start-up headquartered in San Francisco.  

As we contend with Covid-19’s impact on our lives and businesses, Jon has turned to some key strategies learned in the air to help his team navigate these uncertain times.  His military experience has prepared him for how to pivot and problem-solve, ensuring that Volta chargers stay operational and ready for drivers.

Jon joined Volta in the fall of 2016, drawn to its mission and people. A purpose-driven company with a multifaceted team, Volta brings together people with vastly different experiences, perspectives and expertise. Different, yet unified behind a common mission to build an electric vehicle charging network that inspires change and drives the world forward. 

Early on, Jon led the company in clarifying its mission and the core values. “At Volta we are a collection of our stories . . . the stories of what we have each brought to Volta, and the stories we are building together.” Every new employee is encouraged to read through the Volta Values and bring their passions to work each day. Even though the company has quadrupled in size since this founding document was created, “We will always be smaller than our ambition.”

Jon’s department is responsible for working closely with Volta’s charging partners from coast to coast to install and maintain our stations. Besides building the nation’s most intensively used electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Volta is also a media company revolutionizing and delivering out of home advertising where people charge and spend their time. According to Jon, both of these are rapidly changing spaces, and Volta is where they come together seamlessly.

“Something new is always happening every single day at Volta, multiple times per day,” said Jon. “Having a vision for the future is about building the right team, a team that can adapt quickly to changing conditions.” And now with Volta’s shift to mostly working remotely, it’s essential to stay people-focused. Jon is spending more time than ever reaching out and supporting team members in their individual situations, helping answer their questions and provide guidance and context. In a time when we hear the terms “essential personnel” and “non-essential personnel” being used more often, it’s important to communicate that everyone is essential and to stay focused on the mission together.

It may feel like much of the country is grounded as we wait for life to go back to normal, but at Volta, we press on. Or as Jon would say, we continue to “aviate, navigate and communicate.” We remain committed to delivering essential charging infrastructure to our drivers and meaningful messages in our communities that bring us together.

Free Electric Miles Win Customers

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Assumptions are easily made about electric vehicle driving when you hear squeaky-wheel anecdotes in passing. Thanks to an international survey co-authored with CleanTechnica, we now have substantial data from the community of electric vehicle drivers. Survey respondents are mostly CleanTechnica followers who have an avid interest in cleantech news, reviews and analysis. Results give a rare glimpse into the front line of the electric vehicle revolution. 

Devoted Drivers

Of the nearly 5,000 surveyed in North America alone, 84% currently own an electric vehicle and 4.4% are looking to purchase one soon. Environmental benefits (76%), low maintenance (64%) and financial savings (56%) are the three primary reasons for purchasing. Fifty-six percent bought their electric vehicle as a replacement to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle and 86% drive their electric vehicle “almost every day.” Drivers surveyed aren’t looking back. 82% reported they are loyal and will choose an electric vehicle again. 

Confidence to Drive Farther

Electric vehicle drivers are tech-savvy and proactive about charging their vehicles to avoid range anxiety—68% report using an app to find charging stations and 61% say stations are easy to find. Discovering convenient charging locations is also habit-forming with 43% visiting the same places again and again. Accessibility and reliability don’t seem to be a major concern when it comes to finding charging on the road. In fact, a surprising 15% of respondents have no charging at home, so they are free-range electric vehicle drivers thanks to an ever-growing charging infrastructure. Almost 80% reported that the stations they use are usually or always open and 88% said they are functioning properly most of the time. 

Free Miles Fuel Customer Loyalty

The majority of respondents believe electric vehicle charging should be a free amenity. To access free charging, 81% are willing to check-in using a mobile app, and 68% are willing to provide basic personal info including name, demographic and general location. Brick-and-mortar sites offering electric vehicle charging as a free amenity will find it impactful to their bottom line:

  • 77% stated they are willing to try out a new shopping center that provides free charging, while 38% state they would visit more often and buy more.
  • 66% said they would visit more often and 48% would likely shop longer if free electric vehicle charging was available.
  • Less than 2% state they would sit in their car while charging
Win-Win Revolution

Survey results confirm that most early adopters are confident in their decision to go electric and find it fits seamlessly into their lives. Free charging is an amenity that is valued by electric vehicle owners, driving traffic to retailers and lifting sales. The data is overwhelmingly clear that the electric vehicle movement benefits forward-thinking drivers and businesses alike.

Learn more about adding charging to venues.


Free Electric Vehicle Charging at Select Wegmans Food Markets

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Introducing a new environmentally-focused amenity for Wegmans’ shoppers 

Volta has teamed up with top grocery retailer Wegmans Food Markets to install electric vehicle charging stations at four of their locations on the East Coast: Burlington, MA; Northborough, MA; Alexandria, VA and Dulles, VA.

Revolution Ready

With national electric vehicle growth doubling year after year, and over 350,000 new electric vehicle sales projected in 2020, Wegmans turned to Volta to better understand the customer demand for vehicle charging.

The Smart Network

Volta’s free-to-use chargers draw in three times more shoppers as compared to other charging networks. The average Volta station is in use over seven hours a day, driving constant foot traffic into participating retailers and encouraging customers to stay longer. Volta uses a data-driven approach to build scalable charging networks. The number and speed of stations at each site are tailored to match customer demand.

Mission Driven

“Both Volta and Wegmans strive to create an exceptional customer experience while being environmentally responsible and investing in the communities we serve,” said Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO of Volta.

Ready, Set, Charge

The Volta stations at all four Wegmans’ locations are up and running, quickly reaching full capacity, and the accolades from customers have started rolling in. One Burlington customer on Plugshare said, “Wegmans and free charging! Why shop anywhere else?”

Download the app, and see the Wegmans’ locations and other free electric vehicle charging stations near you. 

Mia Oppelstrup: Her Data-Driven Journey

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“Being able to come into work every day and pull up my dashboard to see how many millions of free electric miles we’ve powered across the United States for absolutely zero-emission vehicles is inspiring.”

The origin story of Mia Oppelstrup’s data and analytics journey began with a passion for the planet. “I’ve dedicated my career to doing everything I can to fight climate change.” Mia was drawn to Volta because of its mission—to inspire an electric vehicle revolution. Working at Volta aligns with her own desire to create a greener, cleaner future for the planet.

Beyond collaboration

Mia credits Volta with accelerating her career, while also taking it in an unexpected and fulfilling direction. When she started two years ago, Volta had a much smaller team. Despite its numbers, they thrived because the culture always went “beyond collaboration.” Mia partnered with the head software engineer to dig into the data and extract business insights. Through this process, Mia says she discovered her inner data nerd, which led to her becoming a Business Intelligence Manager at Volta today.

Leveraging data 

The Volta team has quadrupled in size since the company took off. Volta partnered with Sigma Computing, a data analytics company, to understand all the data that came with the explosive growth. “With Sigma we immediately saw a 90% reduction in engineering time required for reporting to our site partners,” said Mia. Partnering with Sigma also gave ongoing human support and training from real engineers, while helping Volta refine its data approach to target goals more effectively.

 Volta recently surpassed 50 million free electric vehicle miles. Proof for Mia that her data-driven journey with Volta is headed in the right direction and truly making a lasting difference.

To learn more about Mia’s journey check out this video from Sigma.

Faster Than Ever. Still Free.

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Another reason to drive electric

Electric vehicle drivers rolling into Volta stations will soon start to discover DC fast chargers alongside the tried-and-true Level 2 stations. As part of the first and only free, public-access DC fast charging network in the country, these new stations deliver up to 175 miles of driving range in just 30 minutes. Electric vehicle drivers aren’t the only ones taking notice. Check out Cheddar and Engadget to see the buzz Volta is creating in the news.

Not just fast, perfect for multitasking

“Imagine getting the equivalent of seven gallons of gas free every time you visit your local shopping center,” said Scott Mercer, Volta’s Founder and CEO. For the first time, you’ll be able to experience the satisfaction of quick and free charging at the places where you already spend your time. So you can charge up while you stock up on a few groceries, or enjoy some quick retail therapy while waiting for traffic to die down.

Coming to a location near you

The inaugural DC fast charging stations opened at the SoNo Collection in Norwalk, Connecticut in October.  After that, Volta will bring 150 chargers to locations where drivers need them most in major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.  Of course, that’s just the beginning.

Only Volta

Volta maintains the only charging network that is free to electric vehicle drivers and always conveniently located. As the industry leader in innovative electric vehicle charging networks, Volta has already delivered over 50 million free electric miles and we will continue to evolve with the fast-paced technology of the electric vehicle market, while focusing on what you, the driver wants.

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Volta Appoints Media Industry Leader Kathy Savitt to Board of Directors

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Former Yahoo CMO Will Serve as the First Independent Director For National EV Charging and Media Network

Media Industry Leader Kathy Savitt Joins Volta Board of Directors

Volta Charging, the leading purpose-driven media platform, today announced the appointment of marketing and technology veteran Kathy Savitt to its Board of Directors. Savitt, Volta’s first Independent Director, will add additional media and brand expertise to the Board, helping the company expand its industry relationships and market position.

Savitt previously served as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Media at Yahoo where she led the brand’s worldwide marketing, customer experience, and editorial teams including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo’s content and media partnership strategy. She
is currently a founding partner at Perch Partners, a global strategic advisory firm for Fortune 500 and venture-backed start-ups.
“I am proud to join the Board leadership of Volta Charging,” said Kathy Savitt. “The Company has made rapid, impressive strides with consumers, media, real estate and investment partners. I look forward to supporting Volta as it scales and grows globally.”

Volta has developed a network of the country’s most utilized electric vehicle charging stations. By installing chargers in high-traffic locations in top media markets and partnering with advertisers to sponsor the service, Volta EV chargers are available to both drivers and real estate hosts without cost. Volta operates operate nationwide in nearly all of the top 10 media markets, in addition to its initial launch market, Hawaii. Recent advertisers on Volta’s network include Facebook, Netflix, Jaguar and Nissan, among others.

Before joining Yahoo, Savitt served as CEO of Lockerz, a company she founded in 2009 with the mission of revolutionizing the way Generation Z discovers and consumes content and products. Prior to Lockerz, she also held the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., where she ran both the global marketing efforts of the company’s portfolio of brands and the digital and e-commerce channels. Savitt also served as Vice President of Strategic Communications, Content and Entertainment Initiatives for, spearheading the development of Amazon’s first original entertainment initiatives.

“Kathy is not only a recognized authority in media and marketing, but a visionary as well,” said Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO, Volta Charging. “She has consistently been on the cutting edge of media and technology, first at Amazon, then at Yahoo. We can’t wait to put her insights to use as we change the way brands think about media, and the way drivers think about the planet.”

Savitt is currently is a board member of Picket (PropTech for residential real estate), Hey Charlotte (Subscription-based social network) and Flippable (data-driven, people-powered movement to restore democracy). A graduate of Cornell University, she has also served on several public boards including Alaska Air Group and Build-A-Bear Workshop over the past 15 years.