A Day in the Bay Area with Polestar 2

A Day in the Bay Area with Polestar 2

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Volta Charging

Big announcements need to reach big audiences, and Volta is helping one electric car brand do just that.

Polestar is launching Polestar 2, the company’s first all-electric car designed to appeal to a broader and more progressive audience of drivers. With consumer mobility behaviors transforming as conversion to “driving electric" occurs, Polestar and Volta will play a critical role in shaping those behaviors. Polestar 2 is designed to provide the same performance, feel and driving enjoyment of a great driver’s car with none of the previous downsides of owning an electric vehicle, including range anxiety. A common worry among electric vehicle drivers, range anxiety is simultaneously being combated by Volta’s growing network of free, conveniently-located charging stations as well as the Polestar 2’s extended range. Range anxiety may feel real, but is increasingly no longer a true risk of ownership in many parts of the country.

To build excitement around the launch of the all-electric Polestar 2, Polestar has leveraged Volta’s place-based media to showcase the introduction of their new car, clearly aligning their promotion strategy with the values of sustainability and clean energy.

As such, we are excited to announce that Polestar has opened a Brand Experience Center in downtown San Francisco. We’ve crafted the perfect day around it, utilizing Volta’s free, convenient public charging stations to view this innovative new car in its own “natural habitat” in the context of the equally beautiful, environmentally conscious Bay Area.

Start your day off in the Marina District. Perhaps you decided not to charge your Polestar 2 at home beforehand, or perhaps you don’t have a charging station at your home - imagine you have 100+ miles left in your battery, as your total range of the Polestar 2 is in the mid 200s.

Drive 1.9 miles out to Crissy Field

    • Take a beautiful morning walk along the water, sipping on hot coffee in your reusable travel mug and enjoying gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Meanwhile, your car is sipping up free electrons at a Volta charger.
    • Total time: 45 minutes
    • Total range added: 20+ miles

Drive 4.4 miles to the Polestar Brand Experience Center at 281 Geary Street

    • Now, for the main event of your day: the Polestar showroom. The space will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the car and ask product experts any questions you have. After you’ve geeked out enough over the Polestar 2, you’re ready for lunch - and Union Square has plenty of options to choose from. Grab a sandwich at Cafe La Tazita or a salad from Cafe Bistro and enjoy a socially distant lunch outside.
    • Total time: 3 hours
    • Total range added: 90+ miles

Drive 10.4 miles to Stonestown Galleria

    • While you could use the Volta free fast-charger at the Galleria to add 100+ miles during a quick pit stop, by now your battery is almost full. Since you want to stay here longer, you plug your Polestar into one of the six Level 2 chargers that Volta offers instead. The amenities are endless - stop by the famous Boudin Bakery for a post-lunch dessert, run some errands (Whole Foods, Bank of America, Apple, Trader Joe’s and Target are all in the vicinity) and grab an espresso at Peet’s Coffee to rejuvenate yourself.
    • Total time: 2.5 hours
    • Total range added: 60+ miles

Drive 43 miles to Blackhawk Plaza

    • Meet up with East Bay friends for a socially distant picnic from Draeger’s Market or yoga in the park.
    • Total time: 2 hours
    • Total range added: 48+ miles

To head home after an eventful day, you drive 39 miles back home to the Marina district. While you’ve driven your Polestar 2 a total of 96 miles on your fun day in the bay, charge-wise, you’re actually up a few miles from where you started. You’ve shopped and dined at all your normal, favorite spots. You’ve enjoyed the scenery. You’ve done so in your luxurious Polestar 2 - and all for free with Volta chargers. That is how you #DriveForward.