Software Engineer

Data Applications Team

We are looking for additional engineers to join the software team with a focus on data analytics and applications. Volta stations all produce streams of data which need to be warehoused efficiently to enable performant reporting, and actively monitored to ensure other functions in the organization run smoothly.


  • Identify ways to optimize data ingestion as our pipeline scales

  • Design, implement, and test services to handle specific functions of our business logic

  • Rapidly prototype and build interfaces to expose data to stakeholders

  • Ideate with other teams in the organization

  • Manage requests from multiple teams


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Minimum 2 years relevant working experience

  • Experience with relational data-stores

  • Experience with JavaScript and familiar with ES6 features

  • Experience or understanding of microservice architectures

  • Familiar with Amazon Web Services

  • Ability to express technical abilities and limitations to non-technical peers

  • Interest in researching and experimenting with new technologies outside of core responsibilities

  • Comfortable reading source code and passionate about understanding how technologies are implemented

  • Interest in documenting and sharing learned technologies or projects

  • Fascination for green technologies and transportation

To apply please email cover letter, resume & contact info to