Project Manager

Volta Project Managers are hard to find. They play an essential role not only in the Operations department but also to the overall organization. As a Volta PM, you will manage entire field deployments, contractor relationships and build-outs of our charging stations across the US. This is an opportunity to have a major impact in a company that is shaping the future of transportation.

As a Volta PM, you’ll participate in three important areas that energize Volta and make what we do so electrifying.
Business Development: In this area you will assist with property evaluations, power audits, and Volta Charging Station placements.
Operations: This is your core area of responsibility and you’ll be active in planning, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining our growing network.
Media Sales: Your expertise will be crucial in supporting and maintaining sponsorship campaigns.


  • Venturing out to new opportunities with the responsibility to acquire and present the information that supports the firm in making calculated decisions as to where, when, and how the next Volta Charging Station installation takes place.
  • Establishing, training and maintaining 3rd party relationships (engineers, installers, contractors, supply vendors and maintenance teams).
  • Managing the smooth progression of each construction project from the initial stages to engineering and permitting and then ordering and installing of the stations.
  • Forecasting, scheduling deployment and managing all components of highly complex installations.
  • Extensive field work in commissioning and maintaining Volta Charging Stations.
  • Frequent communication across the Operations team and broader company to ensure high quality deployments.
  • Evaluating new technology and helping decide how we continue to improve our charging stations and the overall customer experience.


  • You are self-motivated with a desire to encourage, inspire and bring out the best in others.
  • You’ll  need to be confident in working remotely and operating independently (Volta HQ is in San Francisco)
  • You have project management experience (3-5 years, construction management preferred).
  • Regular travel is something you enjoy, as you’ll be spending time on each site throughout the deployment process.
  • You are meticulous in project details and diligent in finding solutions, all while being customer service minded.
  • Working in an environment that requires changing pace, redirecting your thinking, and embracing new procedures is exciting to you.
  • You have strong computer skills that include Microsoft Office and experience in using CRM systems (Volta uses
  • Your knowledge and experience of EV charging systems and electrical infrastructure is a plus.
  • Your higher education in Construction Management, Electrical Engineering, and or LEED certification is a plus.

To apply please email cover letter, resume & contact info to

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